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Yes, it supports the next generation of 64-bit processors and operating systems.

You can develop multi-language applications. If you want your application to be used by users of another native language, all you have to do is enter the corresponding language equivalents for that language in the software development environment.


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Its mean that you can develop software using multiple database types. If you want, you can import the structure of a database from a previously developed Project (if it is one of the supported databases) and continue developing your Project on that database.

Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft Access


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You can develop applications for both Windows and the Web. The developed software can run both on Windows and on the web without the need for any additional operation.

Our program supports browsers: "Internet Explorer", "Firefox", "Chrome", "Safari", "Opera"


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No one cares about products. People care about ideas. Is a product an idea? Noup. Is a brand? A good one is.